Community Growth

Goal 2: Historic Pittsfield attracts tourists and residents to visit the vibrant retail and dining district as well as enjoy a variety of historic and cultural attractions and activities. Businesses are attracted to, developed, expanded, and retained in Pittsfield thanks to a wide range of programs to support them throughout the life of their business. In addition, businesses have a readily available, well trained, qualified workforce due to a variety of educational and apprenticeship programs.

Top 5 Strategies for 2022:

1) Marketing: To develop a comprehensive marketing plan with the guidance of a marketing professional to promote existing businesses, attractions, and activities.

2) Business Growth: Create programs to make downtown more desirable for new and current businesses to continue and thrive.

3) Youth Involvement: Attract and support more youth in Pittsfield with providing age appropriate community events and business growth involvement.

4) Community Attractions: To create, offer, and maintain events through multiple media opportunities in the community that will keep existing members engaged and attract new residents to the community.

5) Arts: Create and grow an arts culture in Pittsfield through fine art, theater, music, etc.


Update the Welcome to Pittsfield Guide in the spring and fall (summer and winter editions) Post on websites

Continue promoting empty commercial building space

Introduce and maintain Geocaching in the area

Maintain Spring/Fall business outreach meetings in collaboration with the Mayor of Pittsfield

Continue to promote local spending via shopping events and promotions

Partner with Pike County Art Guild on events as needed and cross promote the activities of the 2 organizations

Increase awareness for our activities with strategic use of social media

Reestablish YPike young professionals group with the help of the new Pike County Chamber of Commerce director.

Establish a Concierge Program for new residents moving to the area


Pittsfield Welcome Packet
Pittsfield Economic Incentive Zones