Parks and Recreation

Goal 1: Pittsfield is known as a destination for recreation. Residents and tourists alike enjoy a variety of activities from hunting and fishing to kayaking and picnicking.

Top 5 Strategies for 2022
1. Develop a long-term plan for parks and recreation

2. Work with the Rotary Club of Pike County to complete the King Park Dog Park

3. Develop a plan and raise funds for the completion of the park signage

4.Refresh Lake Pittsfield nature trail

5. Add new signage to all parks

Quick Win – Plan and implement a Lowry Park cleanup day

Work with Park Board to create a long term sustainability plan for King Park Dog Park

Develop a plan for volunteer growth within the Parks and Rec Goal Group

Develop and implement a plan for park signage

Develop and implement a plan for Lake Pittsfield nature trail

Continue and grow the Big Buck Classic Disc Golf Tournament for 2022


Map of park features and amenities in Pittsfield, including King Park, Lowry Park, and Lake Pittsfield. You can click on a feature to view it’s description.