In Fall 2018, the founding members of Picture Pittsfield attended a series of workshops hosted by Western Illinois University and the Illinois Institute of Rural Affairs. During the course of those meetings, project areas and priorities were gathered and agreed upon by participants. Three goal areas were selected as the highest priorities. In 2021 The Tourism & Life and the Economic Development Goal Groups were combined into the Community Growth Goal Group. The goals are:

Goal 1: Pittsfield is known as a destination for recreation. Residents and tourists alike enjoy a variety of activities from hunting and fishing to kayaking and picnicking.

Goal 2: Historic Pittsfield attracts tourists and residents to visit the vibrant retail and dining district as well as enjoy a variety of historic and cultural attractions and activities. Businesses are attracted, developed, expanded and retained in Pittsfield thanks to a wide range of programs to support them throughout the life of their business. In addition, businesses have a readily available well-trained, qualified workforce due to a variety of educational and apprenticeship programs.

MAPPING participants discussing past development in Pittsfield

A committee was formed from each of these goals with specific strategies and projects to achieve these goals. The Parks and Recreation Committee focuses on achieving Goal 1. The Community Growth Committee strives toward Goal 2. Please check out the Committees page to find more information.